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Men still have trouble recognizing that a woman can be complex, can have ambition, good looks, sexuality, erudition and common sense. A woman can have all those facets, and yet men, in literature and in drama, seem to need to simplify women, to polarize us as either the whore or the angel. - Natalie Dormer

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"But she did not want advice; she wanted intimacy."

Virginia Woolf, from The Voyage Out (via violentwavesofemotion)

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"You’ve become so damaged that when someone tries to give you what you deserve, you have no fucking idea how to respond."

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"I am
that different
different beasts
in you."

Michelle K., Beasts   (via fiebre)

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if u dont like hickeys or ass grabbin we are a no

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"Everyone else can fuck off because I only want you. I only wanna be wanted by you."

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*breaks leg* but..are my eyebrows okay?

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i am typing with russian accent

how the hell did you force me to read that with a russian accent

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"Feel inspired by your own existence."

Dae Lee (via raysofthesun)

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